Tuesday, June 21, 2011

keep it as a secret PLEASE !!


sometime we even dont know if we are hurting the person we love or care something like that lah kn.... and sometime jgak... we will do anything weird things until we hurt others !! did u know what i am trying to say !! hehe...

its kinda weird u know when we do love this person but we never ever think about her or his feeling toward us !! how to say this huh !!
we dont know whether he or she do love us back as much as we love them !! emm.. i am not that good in this LOVE matter bcoz i never experienced it before !! hehe ye lah kn :) but i am here just to say about this matter that sometime gets me into it !! others problem... not mine oke guys hehe

and please do keep it (your feeling) as a secret... i know people tends to story to others to make he or her feeling better.. but dont ever trust people will always listen to you... emm... im not pointing to anybody but just think back... it might be you or ME wrong !! hehehe we always make mistake anyway....

emm... i might be someone who are hypocrite... bcoz what im saying is not what i did... but... secret is always remain as a secret .. here i just want to say... its better u n your heart know what u feels right now... it will never doubted any others... :)

anyway fren... if u feel im not in your side !! i guess u wrong... but its all up to both of u... but for sure..dont ever make any one of u are hurting by one of ur actions... (betol ke ayat) lantakla hehehe

WAKE up... chase your success is better :)
btw this is just my opnion n my feeling.. its might hurt someone or advise to someone... but do think positive yyaaahhh.... its all for your own good !!!

renung-renungkanlah...selamat MENCUBA :)


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